“Does a homeschool parent just say I’m homeschooling my child, no requirements beyond that, what if they homeschool them for 2 or 3 weeks, take the tax credit, and then dump them into the public school system? And then what are the outcomes for kids that have been in the homeschool as far as being functional adults?” -Representative Stephanie Mickelsen D32

Rep. Stephanie Mickelsen (D32) joined House Vice Chair Lori McCann (D6), House Ed Chair Julie Yamamoto (D11), and other House Ed members Lance Clow (D24), Mark Sauter (D1), Dan Garner (D28), and Jack Nelsen (D26) for the Legislative Academy put on by Idaho Business for Education featuring Anti School Choice Director from Save our Schools Arizona.

*Worth noting is the IACI connection of all of this anti-school choice narrative; the above-listed House Education legislators are all IACI endorsed. Not to be missed is the glaring crossover between the IACI board & business members, the Idaho Business for Education board and business members, and the Idaho Workforce Development Council members tasked with deciding which careers will be funded by free college Idaho Launch.

**Lori McCann (R-D6) Vice Chair of the House Education Committee, endorsed and campaign funded by IACI businesses, sits on the board of BOTH Idaho Business for Education and Idaho Workforce Development Council.